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Aleksei Latunov

Web developer

Web development is an art to create something new and useful.

This website summary intended for employers where it is possible to examine my work.

Work Experience

Technical Director of Web


December, 2014 - July, 2016

  • Analysis of the market, drawing up business plan
  • Development of AjaxIS CMS
  • Technical support of system and users
  • Imposition of HTML templates and adaptation for CMS
  • Planning, development of additional modules
  • Safety testing
  • Advertizing, promotion

Technical Director


July, 2012 - December, 2014

  • Analysis of the market, drawing up business plan
  • Control of work and business, advertizing
  • Control and service of the server

Head of WEB of department


April, 2011 - July, 2012

  • Scheduling on support and completion of the websites
  • Analysis of work of WEB of department
  • Preparation of the reporting for the management of the company
  • Holding meetings and presentations
  • The control system of the websites of the company is finished
  • Coordination of work of WEB of department with others is improved
  • Has offered and has brought many improvements in the websites

WEB the master


April, 2010 - April, 2011

  • Support and completion of the websites of the company
  • Conducting testing of developments, analysis of results
  • Completion of a control system of the websites
  • Drawing up the daily and weekly reporting
  • Holding meetings and presentations



December, 2008 - April, 2010

  • Booking from clients
  • Drawing up project, scheduling
  • Development of the websites
  • SEO advance, advertizing and support

Information technology specialist

IT Spec

August, 2007 - July, 2008

  • Service and repair of hardware
  • Software sales and installation
  • Laying of a LAN, Wi-fi organization of networks, connection to the satellite Internet
  • The VPN organization with clients
The company specialized in information maintenance of other companies. Service of the personal computer of users, software updating belonged to daily duties.

Information technology specialist

of joint stock company of Samaradorstry SOK Group

October, 2006 - August, 2008

  • Purchase and assembly of the personal computer, the order and the OS installation and another ON
  • Creation of a LAN, connection of routers and ADSL modem
  • Installation and control of hardware (Cisco) and a program (ISA2006) firewall
  • Control of a LAN and peripheral equipment
Offices of the company are located on all city, their network association belonged to duties. And also support, start and service of new offices.


A2 Level German

Goethe Institut


  • Examination is passed for the A2 level

of MBA mini

of Management & Marketing Universal Business School (Moscow)

March - July, 2015

  • Financial planning
  • Human resource management
  • Business processes

of MBA Start

of MBA School (Moscow)

January - March, 2015

  • Time-management
  • Personal efficiency
  • Marketing bases
  • Advance

UpperIntermediate Level English

Modern Institute Business Education


  • Examination is passed for the UpperIntermediate level

Graduate student

Samara state Technical University

2007 - 2009

  • Systems of recognition of images are investigated
  • Literature in the sphere of recognition of images
  • Neural networks in the sphere of storing of images
  • IDE Delphi and analysis of images
  • The quality control system is designed
  • The program on Delphi for the analysis of a photo of bricks on the conveyor, measurements of their sizes and detection of defects is created
  • Testing at the plant is held
  • 8 scientific works are published

Specialist of Information security

Samara state Technical University

2002 - 2007

  • Disciplines of the higher technical education are studied
  • Conducted scientific activity at department
  • 2 scientific works are published
  • The diploma on the subject "Television System of Determination of Parameters of an Object" is written
  • The honors degree about the higher technical education, assessment is gained: perfectly, point:  4,82 


Middle school №17

1992 - 2002

  • Disciplines of the general education are studied
  • Has ended with honors
  • GPA:  4,84 



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  • Berlin, Deutschland